May is Responsible Animal Guardian Month

In Defense of Animals (IDA)– a non-profit organization which strives to put a stop to animal abuse and exploitation– has deemed May Responsible Animal Guardian Month.

What makes a responsible animal guardian?

  • Grooming to ensure healthy skin and coat
  • Training to have a happy, stress-free life without behavioral issues
  • Regular vet visits to keep tabs on health
  • Healthy, nutritious food
  • Daily, breed appropriate exercise
  • Microchipping
  • Adopting only through responsible rescues/shelters and ethical breeders
  • Tending to emotional needs
  • Always treating with compassion
  • Reporting suspected abuse

Some fun facts about animal guardians:

  • 97% believe their pets understand them
  • 78% imagine what their pets would say and speak for them
  • 53% have taken off work at least once to take care of a sick pet
  • 70% of people sign their pet’s name on a greeting card
  • 58% include their pets in family/holiday portraits
  • 78% think of their pets as children
  • 84% display photographs of them

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