My Story

My story began in 2014 after my daughter Casey did several pet sitting visits for friends.   At that time, I was working at an unfulfilling job that didn’t use my creative abilities and talents.  I believed starting a pet sitting business would be a perfect entrepreneurial opportunity. Two years later in 2016  I decided to leave my job and go for it!

I’ve always had compassion for animals.  Growing up in the country, my family was taking in stray dogs, feral kittens and rehabilitating a few racoon babies during the spring.  Starting this business provides a needed service for pet parents and offers loving care all animals deserve.  This is what I was meant to do with my life and am blessed every day with an excited pup, purring kitten or happy pet parent.

One of my core beliefs is to do something every day to make a difference in others’ lives.   The objective of C & G Pet Sitting is about creating positive changes and making valuable contributions to our local community, clients, and employees.  Making a difference, one pet at a time.