Senior & Special Needs Pets

Senior & Special Needs Pets are near and dear to my heart.  I’ve had several in my life that have needed the extra care and attention it takes to help them live the best life possible.  That’s why I  specialize in this area of pet care for others.

IMG_0382What is a Special Needs Pet?

Pets who are are under veterinary care, acutely ill, or require extra attention are all considered special needs. These pets include those that have  medical issues such as diabetes, epilepsy, thyroid conditions, or urinary issues/chronic kidney disease, as well as those recovering from surgery.

Senior pets can be challenged by: doggy dementia, blindness, or hearing difficulties. They may be living with arthritis, hip dysplasia, or incontinence, and need a little extra patience and tender loving care.

I am experienced with many kinds of supportive care, including:

  • Medication administration
  • Special diets and supplements
  • Injectable medication administration (such as insulin)
  • Subcutaneous (sub q) fluids
  • Bandage changes, abscess care, and wound management, as directed by your vet
  • Passive range of motion of joints – particularly important after orthopedic surgery
  • Syringe feeding
  • Assisting mobility-impaired pets with walks, exercise, therapy and potty breaks

Medical Pet Sitting and Respite Care

Do you feel overwhelmed by your pet’s health needs?  That’s perfectly normal. Taking a caregiver break will help you to rest and regain balance, so you can continue to provide the special care your pet needs.

pet-health-treating-cat-asthma-inhaler-clinic-221302346Caring for your senior or special needs pet can be exhausting, in addition to the changes you might need to make to your life and work schedules, in order to accommodate your pet’s needs.

I can help fill in and take some of the burden from you by providing medical care for your pets while you and your family work on incorporating your pet’s needs into the daily schedule or to allow you to enjoy a weekend getaway or longer vacation.

My respite care services provide this necessary break by coming to your home to check your pet’s well being, administer medication and perform treatments, in addition to providing basic pet sitting care.

I help pet owners in accordance with the recommended treatments and medications prescribed by their veterinarians.  I am not a substitute for veterinary care, and will not diagnose conditions or prescribe treatments under any circumstances.