Love These Pet Diapers

Our pug, Oliver, has experienced incontinence issues for several years.  We found the SnuggEase reusable pet diapers and can’t say enough about them.  We have at least a dozen on hand and they last a long time.  I have found that using a feminine pad inside the lining will make the diaper last longer between laundering. […]

Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets

My husband and I always take our vacations with our two pugs.  The last time we were travelling, I gave them Bach Rescue Remedy during the car ride and also when we arrived at our destination.  Usually it takes them a long time to settle down in the car and also when we get to […]

Alternative Cancer Therapy

This is the personal account of a friend of mine whose mastiff (Cooper) was diagnosed with Lymphoma.   I myself have always taken a holistic and natural approach to pet care. My friend found a lump on her 7 year old Cooper’s shoulder area and took him to the vet who prescribed chemo for the treatment and gave […]