Dog Walking

Dog Walking Sessions

20 minute walk     $18 per dog

30 minute walk     $25 per dog

4k-wallpaper-adorable-animal-1249208Dog walking is important for both exercise and mental stimulation.  Generally, people walk their dog for 4 reasons: elimination, mental stimulation, exercise, and training. Dogs like to go for walks to get outdoors, sniff and engage with their environment, exercise, and perhaps socialize with people and dogs outside the home.



Potty Break Monthly Package 

Save when you purchase a monthly package.  We will make sure your pup(s) gets to take a potty break during the day.  Potty Break visits are 20 minutes each and include a short walk and playtime.

3 visits per week $204 per dog

4 visits per week $256 per dog

5 visits per week $300 per dog

Full Service Monthly Package 

Save when you purchase a monthly package.  Full service monthly packages include one 30 minute walk each visit. This allows your dog a longer walk with time for extra cuddles.      

3 visits per week $288/per dog

4 visits per week $368/per dog

5 visits per week $440/per dog     

* Towns outside the Bloomington/Normal area incur $.54 per mile.  Maximum 10 miles outside city.