We are so fortunate to have C and G Pet Sitting in our community! Daisy loves seeing daisyGina arrive for a walk, and our clients have high praise for the pet-sitting services Casey and Gina offer. We highly recommend them!. -Susan & Bob Ryder





Gina is amazing and truly loves animals. The one to call for someone trustworthy.             -Lynne Allen


22780421_1022782194530016_1353613142438146497_nSuper professional and caring. I could tell within seconds of meeting Gina that she has a true, sincere love of animals. Her business did a great job of keeping us informed on how things were going while we were out of town by sending us texts, pictures, and videos. We’re very happy with their services and super-glad they provide the option of staying overnight!                   -April Baker



C and G Pet Sitting is a new business in town offering services in your home. We’ve met Gina and Casey and are happy to have them offer this service to the B/N community!        -Pawsitive Transformations


22228212_1004270223047880_4701929893472952615_nC & G Pet Sitting is the only service we trust to care for our dog in-home while we travel. He is a large breed we rescued that experiences separation anxiety & requires specific dietary needs & daily medication. Boarding him is not a desirable option & when we hired anyone other than C & G, we came home to a distressed dog that made messes & hadn’t been properly fed or medicated. Whether it’s a day-trip or extended vacation, C & G has consistently been available to come to our home at the times needed for his daily routine & medications & has a great rapport with him. It’s never easy to travel & leave our big guy, but knowing he’s comfortable at home & being cared for by wonderful people makes the situation better for us all. –Lydia Holmes


My husband and I vacationed for two weeks and Casey took care of our two older cats (“kids”) while we were away.

Our cats are kind of high maintenance as one has to have medication in a treat everyday and they have special feeding needs. I won’t go into details but I’m saying they are a bit of a handful and special needs cats. Casey handled them gracefully and didn’t seem at all discouraged when I was describing all of their needs to her.

While we were away I checked in a few times with her but it was odd because I wasn’t worried about them. Casey had a way of putting us at ease by repeating things back to us and reassuring us that we were not being unreasonable cat parents!! Even though she had classes she would get back to us in a timely fashion with any text or call.

Usually when we come home from our trips our babies are a little freaked out and look a bit disheveled. But when we returned home this time they looked fantastic!! They hardly even cared that we had returned home at all!! Which was hard for me emotionally but I knew that meant that Casey had taken very, very good care of them while we were gone. I knew their routine was in place, as we didn’t have to retrain them at all. They were in good spirits and physically healthy!

Casey is also one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She is a gentle, kind and patient person. You will not find anyone better to look after and care for your pets.            -Jeremy & Heather Myers


wilmaGina was super professional & took such great care of our rabbits while we were away! I’d recommend C&G for anyone looking for a passionate, trustworthy pet sitter!  -Angie Keller






chloe (2)Have been a client experimentally for almost a year now? Love them. LOVE. Gina and her team are dependable and care about the critters. Taking the time to get into the good graces of Chloe (cat and part time diva)… can’t be easy. And I happen to come home early and caught an interaction…. Chloe has warmed right up! Experiment is over. They are my choice to take care of the fur baby. Without question. You won’t regret it. -Heather Stanley