Pooper Scooper Service

pooper scooper serviceLet us clean up after your dog(s) with our pooper scooper service and make your yard a fun and clean place for your family. You won’t ever have to clean up dog poop again.

  • Stop the Spread of Disease By cleaning and removing dog poo regularly, our pooper scooper service provides a cleaner, healthier environment for your family and pets.
  • Better for Our Environment Regular removal of dog waste  will keep the decomposed poop from running off into our storm drains and reaching our water supply.
  • Saves You Time Busy dog parents find it difficult to keep up with dog waste removal.
  • Physical Limitations & Disabilities If you have physical limitations like back pain, it’s  difficult to clean up after your dog.
  • Enjoy Your Yard Again Your family and friends can enjoy the backyard again. You can finally have parties and activities in your yards which everyone is going to take pleasure in participating.
  • Stop/Reduce Poop Eating When there’s less poop to eat, your dog won’t have the poo smorgasboard to choose from.
  • Protect Your Lawn Wondering why your once-lush lawn is now littered with dead spots and yellow stains?  Dog feces is toxic to your lawn and causes burns and unsightly discoloring.

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