Celebrate Nation Pet Day

"Many people think that humans are superior to animals, but how is that possible when humans can't even properly love each other? We're not able to come close to being superior to the pure & perfect unconditional souls that animals are. If we could...we'd have no need for this day". -Colleen Paige I love this … Continue reading Celebrate Nation Pet Day


National Dog Bite Prevention Week

As someone who's been bit twice, once needing medical care and the other just a tiny scrape, I know how important this topic is.  Being able to read the dog's signals before hand will save you a trip to PromptCare or the Emergency room. National Dog Bite Prevention Week® takes place during the second full … Continue reading National Dog Bite Prevention Week

Pet First Aid Awareness Month

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month and a great opportunity for pet owners to brush up on tips from the American Red Cross to keep their animals safe and healthy as we head into spring and summer. Learn Here They also offer an app for owners Here but don't have the classes anymore.