Eco-friendly Pet Practices Part 4

10. Eco-Friendly Pet Toys and Accessories Look for leashes, collars, toys and even pet beds made from recycled or plant-based materials. 11. Cut Out the Chemicals Reduce the chemicals in your home by making your own cleaners and deodorizers. Instead of spraying over a pet smell, you might already have everything you need right in your … Continue reading Eco-friendly Pet Practices Part 4


Eco-friendly Pet Practices Part 3

7. Containers Count Use a washable and reusable container, preferably glass, to store food and treats instead of a plastic bag. 8. Reduce Driving Do you drive to a dog park just to walk around? Look for closer parks or nature trails, or arrange walks or play dates with friends and neighbors with their pets. 9. Check … Continue reading Eco-friendly Pet Practices Part 3