Eco-Friendly Business

C & G Pet Sitting is an Eco-friendly business.  We not only love your fur kids, we cherish our Earth.  We have made a conscious choice to make the day to day running of the business as eco-friendly as possible.

So what do we as a company and individual team members do to be Green?

  • Recycling and using recycled products in the office.
  • Wash out and recycle all client’s dog & cat food cans.
  • By using a secure online file/scheduling and invoicing system, paper consumption is reduced.
  • We use bio-degradable/compostable poop bags.
  • We use Google Maps to minimize the amount of fuel that caregivers use to do their visits.  This means planning pet sitting close to where the caregiver lives and minimizing the distances between visits.
  • The owner of C & G Pet Sitting is a hybrid vehicle owner.
  • Supporting local businesses first and foremost.
  • We’re always looking for more ways to make the business sustainable.