C & G COVID Guidelines

Here’s what we’re doing to insure your pet’s safety, your safety and the pet sitter’s safety while visiting your home:

We bring hand sanitizer, gloves and our own leash to each visit.

We don’t over-handle the pet while in our care if possible: the sitter keeps gloves on.

Coronavirus can stay present for days on hard surfaces after contact, so we avoid touching door handles or gates without gloves, and sanitize immediately after.

The sitter does not touch their face, mouth, or eyes with their hands.

The sitter always wears a face mask when in your home.

Hand washing is completed with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. This is done after coughing or sneezing as well as often as needed throughout the visit.

Prior to exiting your home, the sitter will retrace his/her steps and disinfect surfaces he/she has touched such as door handles, crate latches and faucets.

The sitter is required to keep a minimum of six feet between themselves and others.

A sitter who has symptoms of acute respiratory illness will be removed from the schedule and will not return to work until he/she has been medically cleared to do so.

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