Eco-Friendly Pet Practices Part 1

Since this month’s focus is on how to be an eco-friendly pet parent, here are a few suggestions for reducing your carbon “paw print.”

images1. Ditch the Paper Towels

Use towels or rags instead of paper towels to clean up after your pet. If you just can’t break the paper towel cycle, consider using reusable personal hand towels that are machine-washable.

2. Think Before Trashing

Many items that your pet no longer uses or has grown out of might still be able to be put to use at a shelter. Call your local shelter to see if they need any of the items, or organize a swap with friends and neighbors.

3. Make Your Donation Count

If you are still mailing checks to your favorite animal charity, switch to online or telephone donations or automatic direct debiting from a bank account (and go paperless on statements).

Stay tuned for more tips to come…

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