Treating Arthritis Naturally

22687618_1020398188101750_598579851408214513_nMy 14 year old pug, Annie has signs of arthritis in her back leg.  She’s stiff when she gets up and limps when walking.  I know she has to be feeling some discomfort so I researched the best natural treatments for her.  One of my go-to sources is  Dogs Naturally.  I found several great articles on treatment options.  Here is what I’ve been using the past month and I am really seeing great results.

For her AM meal, I add in to her wet food steamed mixed greens & green beans, a probiotic/enzyme supplement, Essential Fatty Acids, a supplement called DGP which has boswellia and tumeric, and for the first 2 weeks used Milk Thistle to detox her liver.

For a noon snack, I give her a handful of blueberries and apple.

For her PM meal, I add into her kibble cooked sweet potato and parsley.

Here’s where I found the great information Arthritis Treatment Options



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