Benefits of Hiring an Overnight Sitter

pug in bedYou’ve just got an amazing opportunity to go out of town, on the vacation of a lifetime or even just to visit family and friends you haven’t seen in far too long. After that initial excitement wears off, your mind immediately starts to worry. What about your pets?

It’s a question pet parents around the world ask every time they consider traveling: Will your pets go with you or will they stay home? If they stay home, who is going to take care of them as well as you do?

Fortunately, professional pet sitting helps take the fear and the worry out of leaving a pet home alone while the family travels. Some pet sitting services, like C & G Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, offer daily pet sitting visits as well as increasingly popular overnight visits, the latter of which has numerous benefits, including:

1. Your Pets Maintain Their Routine

Pets thrive on routine and for some pets, like the elderly and the sick, routine is essential. A pet sitter who stays overnight with your pets will allow them to eat at their normal times, take their required medications (when applicable) at the designated time, and will give them the comfort of having someone with them at home during the night.

2. Your Pets Will Enjoy Comfort And The Security Of Being At Home

Boarding a pet – any kind of pet – can be extremely stressful, especially with the smells of other animals and the quality one-on-one time for your pets may suffer.

3. Your Pets Receive Love And Attention

Does your dog love to snuggle at your feet by the fire every night before bed? Does your cat like to play early in the morning? Does your bunny beg for treats late at night? Your overnight pet sitter will make sure your pets get the love and affection they deserve and keep them entertained like you do.

4. You Don’t Have To Worry About Accidents

Pets, especially as they get older, often have a difficult time holding the urge to go to the bathroom. Your overnight pet sitter can let your dog or other pet outside to eliminate as many times as necessary while you don’t have to worry about your pets having an accident.

5. Your Home Remains Secure

Pet sitters work to ensure your home has a lived-in look, whether you schedule daily visits or overnight visits. When working with a company like C & G, your pet sitter brings their own food and toiletries, stays 10-12 hours and will leave your home each night the way it was when they arrived.

Overnight pet sitting offers a stress-free option for your pets’ care. You can enjoy your time away from home, knowing your pets are in good, professional hands, while your pets can remain where they are most comfortable.

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