Reiki for Dog Groomers

Do you find it difficult to groom stressed or anxious dogs?

Most groomers do … so you aren’t alone …. and every groomer has difficult dogs to groom. I’m sure you do too?

Maybe you have dogs that are really nervous and don’t like being bathed … or hate the dryer and literally shake on the grooming table? I know I’ve seen it happen many times.

Or perhaps they won’t keep still and constantly fidget about whilst you try to brush or trim their coats.

Worse still maybe they become aggressive and try to bite you!

All of this makes your job doubly difficult …. is stressful for your dog client and stressful for you too.

However, there is a solution that can help you to help your nervous or agitated dogs and make your job a whole lot easier too.IMG_2749

With Reiki for Dog Groomers course  you will quickly and easily learn to give Reiki therapy to your dog (and cat) clients .

Reiki is a simple and gentle energy healing therapy, which anyone can do providing they have been attuned to Reiki by a Reiki Master.

It involves no manipulation, or prodding, pushing or pulling and no needles are used.

Reiki complements all forms of prescribed veterinary treatments and is not harmful in any way.

The gentle healing can only do good things for dogs.

Dogs as well as many other animals love Reiki….. and so do groomers too!

In many ways dogs suffer from similar illnesses as us humans and Reiki can be used to help ease these conditions just as with people.

Reiki is a bit like having a good friend who is there for their comfort. Dogs respond very well to Reiki healing – they seem to sense that humans are helping them. The dogs you groom are highly likely to be the same.

Using Reiki healing before or during a grooming session is likely to help you with your work and improve the dog’s grooming experience as even the liveliest and more anxious dogs usually become calm and relaxed – leading the way for us humans to follow! It is quite unusual to find a dog that doesn’t welcome Reiki energy, even though they might need to get used to it first.

Most animals are very intuitive and so although you can’t explain to them what Reiki is they can sense there is something positive there that’s not harmful to them.

Reiki is a holistic therapy helping to heal dogs as a whole simultaneously.

  • physical level

With the potential to complement prescribed medication and help reduce all kinds of pain and helping to speed up the bodies natural healing process, which can be useful following an accident or recovery from surgery

  • psychological level

Dogs suffer from stress, fears, anxiety and depression just as humans do. Reiki can help instil calm, letting go of tension or anxiety, reducing the feelings of stress and help to overcome such distressing conditions such as noise and firework phobias.

Reiki healing is suitable for domestic pet dogs and professionally bred animals and so some Reiki therapy could help the dogs you groom.

YOU can do Reiki too

Everyone, and I really mean everyone, has the ability to give Reiki Healing.

No special skills are required, just a willingness and desire to want to help heal dogs and people and other animals.

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