The Benefits of Canine Massage

Benefits of Canine Massge

A happy, healthy dog is in balance. That is wellness from the perspective of massage therapy. Dogs move out of balance when they are injured, sick, tired, out of condition, overweight, confused, disoriented (such as when they are adopted and learning to live in a new environment), grieving the loss of a family member, and aging.

Touch is a basic need … as important as food, water, and shelter.

Canine massage assists dogs to rediscover harmony when their bodies and minds are in chaos. Canine massage is effective in helping dogs at every stage of life, and in every stressful situation.

The benefits for dogs are:

  • Increases circulation
  • Helps relieve the effects of stiffness and joint discomfort
  • Develops and maintains muscle tone
  • Helps dogs rehabilitate after surgeries and other trauma
  • Enhances bonding in adopted dogs
  • Helps dogs and their owners with end of life care, “Transitions”


Benefits for  Pet Owners / Pet Parents

Dogs are our children. They depend on us for everything. Their quality of life is something we think about all the time. When our dogs are unhappy and out of sorts, we are unhappy. We are concerned. Confused. Their issues may not be the ones your veterinarian is able to, or trained to treat. Medication is not always the solution, especially if the problem is neuromuscular, psychosocial, or emotional. What if your dog is suffering from the normal aches and pains that come with aging? Sometimes, the things that are your dog’s stressors are best treated with massage and bodywork.

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