No Every Other Day Visits

One of the C & G Pet Sitting policies includes the no every other day visits for cats.

Picture this: The sitter arrives at a home to check on a cat for a family whom she’s been providing cat-sitting services while they are away on a two-week vacation. It’s Monday and the cat was timid, yet playful when she last checked on her on Saturday. Today when the sitter enters the home, however, she finds the cat unresponsive and lying in puddles of vomit. She scoops up the cat and races to the nearest emergency vet, while trying to reach the owners on their overseas trip. After a quick examination, the veterinarian determines this cat had developed a urethral blockage and was unable to urinate. With this condition, her bladder had quickly become distended and kidney toxins were poisoning her blood stream. Once the blockage is relieved and intravenous fluids are given, the cat is expected to make a full recovery—but the chance for survival would have been virtually nonexistent had the sitter arrived at the home even an hour or two later. While relieved, the pet owners have learned a valuable lesson—anything can happen when a pet is left alone.

Anything can happen when pets are left alone—and cats are no exception. From potentially lethal ailments like the urethral blockage to potential home damages from a cat accidentally loosening a water hose behind a washing machine, not checking on a cat daily while the owner is away can have costly—or tragic—consequences.

-from Pet Sitters International

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