Why Hire A Professional Pet Sitter versus a Neighbor or Friend?

Here is a true story about a family who left their dog in a care of a close family friend during the holidays. Like many other individuals out there, they’ve had friends care for the house and pets before without problems. Their dog would be allowed to stay in the comfort of his own home and even though they didn’t have to pay for it they made sure to give their friend a nice gift for being there and for helping out.

They checked in with their friend every other day and things seemed great until they came home early to find the house urine-soaked with feces throughout, and their dog without water or food. Fortunately their dog was fine. Obviously they were extremely upset. When they were finally able to contact the friend, they learned that his car had broken down, leading to various other excuses that kept him from their home. In the end, it became obvious that their friend’s car took precedence over their dog. Instead of arranging alternate care, their beloved dog was quickly forgotten while the friend focused on the life of his car.

Friends are wonderful to have, but I have heard from countless clients, the first hand reality of what can go wrong when your pets’ lives are not in the hands of a professional. There is a truth that separates them from a professional pet sitter:

Your pet is a professional pet sitter’s first priority. A professional pet sitter has an obligation to care for your pet whether their car breaks down or not. When you hire a professional pet sitter, you’re hiring someone who has made a life commitment to the care of animals. Most professional pet sitters not only have pets of their own, but have chosen the profession precisely because their care for the animal kingdom is immense. A professional pet sitter not only invests in the life of your pet, but understands your care and concern as an owner. Hiring a professional pet sitter guarantees that you are hiring someone whose going to think of your pet’s needs before their own.

Professional pet sitters make sure to protect you, your pet, and even your home. Not only will most professional pet sitting services require you to sign a legally binding general service contract and veterinarian notification form, they’ll also have acquired insurance and bonding created specifically for professional pet sitters and agencies.

by Terie Hansen-Good Dog Coaching

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