Alternative Cancer Therapy

This is the personal account of a friend of mine whose mastiff (Cooper) was diagnosed with Lymphoma.   I myself have always taken a holistic and natural approach to pet care.

My friend found a lump on her 7 year old Cooper’s shoulder area and took him to the vet who prescribed chemo for the treatment and gave him 1-3 months to live.  Knowing what chemo had done to her father with cancer years before, she wanted to try a natural treatment.  Luckily, there was a holistic vet visiting the clinic at the same time and he suggested she try two supplements along with changing his diet.

Every day, she would prepare his meal with barely cooked organic chicken, cooked sweet potatoes, raw kale, broccoli and green beans.  She supplemented this with BioPreparation 3 and Kemp Naturals Hemp Oil.  After several months, the lump had shrunk significantly and Cooper was acting like a pup.  It’s been 14 months now and Cooper is still doing great.

I wanted to share this information with anyone who has a pet or knows of someone that has a pet with cancer.  This is definitely worth a try.  Here are the two sites for the supplements:

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