Sitting a Senior Pet

For many of us, family vacations or work travel are not pet friendly, which leaves one with the question, who will take care of my furry friends while I’m away? With all the options out there it turns into a difficult choice between pet sitting and boarding your pet. As your pet ages their comfort level becomes more of a concern while you are away than ever before. Many senior pets begin to feel the discomfort of hearing loss, arthritis, vision loss, joint pain, and simply “spoil me more than ever before because I deserve it” syndrome. With this in mind you must ask yourself “where is my pet most comfortable?” the answer is home.

While there are many boarding facilities to choose from, the most comfortable, secure place for your senior pet is in a familiar environment with the added benefit of your scent on everything. Boarding facilities generally house multiple pets of all ages, personalities and activity levels. With unfamiliar scents, barking, and multiple people this can cause high anxiety in even the most relaxed furry friend. When pets get overly stressed for long periods of time they can form colitis, hair loss, anxiety, and loss of appetite; adding to an already vulnerable state that will only decrease their happiness. Pet sitting in your home is the perfect solution! Your senior pet will get one-on-one with a familiar face, comforts of their own home where they feel secure, and the added benefit of having someone coming in to ensure your home is safe while you are away. Consider hiring a professional pet sitter the next time you travel. Your pet will thank you!

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